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October 4, 2009

The Hampton's Half Marathon (New York)

I just ran my first Half Marathon (13.1 miles!) in September with my friend Kim and my sister-in-law Karen. We had a blast! My friend Kim found us a home to rent out for the weekend. On the home description it was called "Modern Minimalist"(you can tell how minimal in the pictures). None of the windows had curtains. Matter of fact, they had NO coverings! It was kind of spooky at night. With that said, it was alot easier to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

My finishing time was 2:00:52. I was just 1 minute shy of my goal. Maybe next year!

The backyard. It had a pool.

The living room. Everything was white and the people that own it have little kids.

The kitchen with a mural of Spiderman on the wall. This the as fancy as it got.

This is Karen and Kim post race.

From left: Me (Austin), Kim, Darlene, Karen

This is the group that stayed in the house. Notice the man in the back row? Just like all Relief Society activities, my friend Kim thought it would be nice to have a priesthood holder. Just kidding! He decided to tag along with his wife and came along for the girls only weekend! It was great, he was actually hilarious.

After the race we went shopping and ate dinner in South Hampton. The street are lined with cute shops and restaurants. We actually saw a Tiffany and Co. when we were driving in.

This is an original South Hampton's home built in 1668.

OK- the funniest sign I've ever seen. What does the town of South Hampton constitute as proper attire?

Kim, Karen and the brave Gavin

Kim in front of the prettiest flower field.

This is the what you pay for on the east coast...CULTURE!

After our long day, some of the girls gave themselves pedicures and we watched Australia - the movie.


The beach in East Hampton

This is what most of the real estate looked like in East Hampton. All the homes were surrounded by 9-10 foot hedges and were on multiple acres of land. We actually went on a hunt for Ina Garten's home (aka Barefoot Contesa from FoodNetwork). We're pretty sure at least one of the home we saw had to have been hers!

The Airport

It had to come to an end. My brother Steve and nephew Cameron went on a cruise and they happen to end the same day we were leaving. So, we met up at the airport and waited together. Tender!


Leavitt's said...

Awesome time, and who is doing this next year???? Great job catching up on your blogging. See you soon.

Jason and Claire said...

Good job on the marathon. I keep thinking I'm going to do that. I love your family picture at the top.

threebuttonsandtwobows said...

What a cool experience! Way to go running is HARD!

Sarah Martin said...

You have got to be taking more pictures than you are blogging. Where are you?? Blog for me, will you?

Leavitt's said...

Are you feeling better yet? Seriously, you need to get some new info and pix up, I miss seeing what you are up to.